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Cassandra Remote DBA Support

Pythian has been helping our customers with their Cassandra databases since 2014. 

Our remote teams of Cassandra DBAs are here to ensure your systems operate seamlessly. We provide 24/7 database support, 365 days of the year. 

Remote DBA Support

Our remote teams of Cassandra DBAs provide 24/7 support, 365 days of the year.

24/7 DBA Support, 365 days of the year. 

Whether you’ve lost a Cassandra DBA and need to hire or need extra coverage during high-volume times, Pythian’s team of Cassandra DBAs are here to support you.

On-demand access to Cassandra database experts.

Pythian has a team of global Cassandra database experts with over 10 years of Cassandra database experience. 

Lean into our Cassandra DBAs when and where you need help.

Reduce operational data costs by up to 60%.

Thousands of customers have reduced their database and data warehouse support costs when they partner with us for Cassandra DBA support.

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24/7 Cassandra Database Management 

Pythian provides seamless database operations. 
When you partner with Pythian for database management, you have complete peace of mind that your Cassandra databases are managed, monitored, and supported 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Proactive Event Management
  • 24x7 Alert Monitoring
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Request Management
  • Database Patching and Compliance
  • Status calls and reviews (SLO)

See how our remote Cassandra DBA support works for you.

Our Cassandra DBAs ensure your data is always available, up-to-date, optimized, and secure. 

Our Cassandra remote DBAs become an extension of your team.

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Get more, for less.

When you partner with Pythian for Cassandra DBA support we go beyond database management. We optimize the performance and security of your systems.

Optimize your Cassandra database performance

Our teams of Cassandra remote DBAs continuously optimize and tune your databases to improve your performance. 

Seamless Cassandra upgrades

Our Cassandra DBAs are always on top of the newest Cassandra version upgrades. Our team will inform you of the new features and how they benefit your business.

Strengthen your security

Our team of Cassandra database experts is here for more than just daily operations. We assess and identify security vulnerabilities within your Cassandra systems to implement the solutions your business needs.

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Optimize your Cassandra Database Performance

Pythian continuously optimizes your Cassandra data systems to ensure uninterrupted performance and availability of your applications and data while strengthening security. 
We identify and implement the solutions you need to future-proof your Cassandra databases.

  • Alert Analytics: Business Disruption Prediction
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Automated Database Secuirty Checks
  • Database Version Upgrades
  • Automation Module Deployment
  • Deployment of Ticket Analytics
  • Service Improvement Planning and Implementation
  • Advanced Database Projects

How our 24/7 Fully Managed Database Service works:


Pythian will conduct a readiness assessment. We analyze performance, security, configuration management, database replication, network issues, and other matters that may impact successful ongoing database operational support.

24/7 Database Support

Pythian ensures operational excellence.
Receive 24/7 database management, monitoring, and operational support, 365 days a year. This includes incident resolution, database patching, and service request execution. 

We ensure the uninterrupted availability of your data systems.

Database Optimization

Pythian will mobilize your ongoing transformation projects.

We provide a proactive approach to our 24/7 Database Service, continuously optimizing your data systems. 

We go beyond just database management and operational support; we ensure your data systems evolve with your business growth. 

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Customer Testimonials

Hear what our customers have to say about our Cassandra Database Services.

"Pythian is an excellent Database Partner, especially for Cassandra. Their knowledge in Cassandra architecture, administration, data modeling, and performance tuning have helped us manage our clusters effectively. I've been working with them directly and have really enjoyed our partnership with Pythian."

– Mohammad Aburadeh, PDF Solutions Inc.

Partner with Pythian for 24/7 Cassandra DBA support

Tap into our network of Cassandra DBAs. 

Our teams will ensure your systems are always being managed, monitored, and optimized.

Tell us how we can help.

Pythian will connect with you to learn more about how we can help.

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