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Security in Google Workspace is pivotal for protecting sensitive data, adhering to compliance requirements, preventing unauthorized access, and safeguarding business continuity. However, keeping on top of Google Workspace security can be challenging due to the complexity of its settings, evolving cyber threats, user behavior, third-party integrations, and compliance requirements. Additionally, limited resources, the rapid pace of updates, and the need for continuous monitoring and adaptation add to the difficulty of maintaining a robust security posture.

Pythian’s team of security experts have developed security packages to help meet the needs of any organization:

 • Google Workspace Security Health Check
 • Google Workspace Security Posture Analysis
 • Email Security Deep Dive

Speak with a Google Workspace expert to find the right security help for your organization ->

Speak with a Google Workspace expert ->

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Pick the Right Security Solution For Your Business

Need help deciding which security offering is right for you? Watch as we explain the differences between a Security Health Check and Security Posture Analysis. 

Start Your Security Journey with our Google Workspace Security Walkthrough

Start your journey towards a more secure Google Workspace environment with our detailed walkthrough of the top features your organization should be taking advantage of. This includes:

  • An overview of the Security Center
  • Top features in ‘Takeout’
  • Gmail security features
  • Gmail and Google Drive general security settings
  • Google Workspace enterprise-level security settings

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“We see Pythian as a true partner. They helped our new teams get onboarded, and use Google Workspace in no time, helping us get the results we wanted, and more.”
Scott Lawson

Director, IT Security & Architecture at QAD

“Fandom’s partnership with Pythian during the Red Ventures acquisition not only streamlined our transition but also set the stage for better communications and collaboration, allowing our newly acquired employees to be integrated into Fandom faster.”
Maciej Koska

Senior Manager of Global IT

​​“Amazing team to work with. Very responsive and always willing to take on any part of the project. The team didn’t bat an eye as the company continued to throw curve balls into the project. They are one of the best project teams I have ever worked with, and hopefully, I get a chance to work with them again on a future project.”
Michael Cooper

IT Systems Administrator, Altar’d State

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Why Choose Pythian as Your Partner

Exclusive Benefits of Your Pythian Partnership

With Pythian, you can maximize your investment in Google Workspace by leveraging our long-established expertise. We offer a variety of strategic and technical services, and have helped hundreds of users adopt and leverage the collaborative power of Google Workspace to meet their business goals.

Unmatched expertise—from ETL to AI/ML and everything in between

Your journey with Google Workspace requires a broad range of skills and experience. Pythian’s 25+ years of proven expertise in data and data strategy, database and data warehousing architecture, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced analytics will help you leverage data and technology into innovative and impactful business solutions. 

A flexible partner for the entire journey

We can help with your Google Workspace and modernization journey, from evaluating where best to apply AI/ML, to progressing through the stages of maturing advanced analytics, to scaling further with MLOps and production implementation. We are here to support your organization in turning data into insights, helping with data governance and security, and keeping your data flowing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Highly cost-effective

A system is more than the sum of its people. From the push-button deployment of integrated infrastructure to dynamic schema evolution to dashboards that monitor and alert on anomalies, Pythian’s team brings a technology portfolio to cost-effectively enhance and expedite your data journey. 

Exceptional support

Every transformative initiative has many moving parts. To keep things running smoothly, Pythian has coupled proven methodologies with a dedicated, experienced project manager for every project. They’ll work to ensure delivery of the agreed-upon outcomes within the committed time frame. 

Synergistic services

Pythian’s support doesn’t stop once your project is up and running. Let us manage your analytics platform effectively with our AI/ MLOps, FinOps cloud cost-optimization, or DataOps managed services.

Boost Google Workspace Security with Pythian
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